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About Us

I became a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ when I was 13 years old. It changed my life. The study of the inspired Word of God has become my passion in the 60 years since. I studied the Bible for 35 years before I started writing down these lessons and notes which I have written over the last 25 years. They include verse by verse notes on all 66 books of the Bible as well as several specialized studies. I recently calculated that I have spent about 60,000 hours studying the Bible or related subjects. I don’t have any advanced degrees from seminaries, but I believe that the LORD has given me a gift of insight into His Word. I have set up this website so that anyone that is interested in the Bible can have access to what the LORD has shown me. My prayer is that these studies will be a blessing to anyone who is interested in a more in-depth study of the Word of God.

Your Brother in Christ,
Richard (Dick) South Thompson